July 18, 2015

Gallery updates!

I have finally made it! A brand new lovely layout :)

Now here we go with a bunch of updates!

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Playboy Car of the Year 2015, 22 june

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Raffaello party in Warsaw, 25 june

Candids > 2015 > Out in the eveing in West Hollywood, 12 june

Candids > 2015 > At LAX, 16 june

Candids > 2015 > Leaving her Apartment on her way to TVN Television in Warsaw, 21 june

Candids > 2015 > Leaves Papaya restaurant in Warsaw, 22 june

Candids > 2015 > Arriving at Raffaello party in Warsaw, 25 june

Candids > 2015 > Outside Craig’s Restaurant, 10 july

Enjoy the update :)

June 11, 2015

New candids!

I have a bunch of candids with Joanna :)

Candids > 2015 > On the beach in Miami, 8 may

Candids > 2015 > Craig’s in West Hollywood, 28 may

Candids > 2015 > At Miami Airport, 4 june

Candids > 2015 > At the beach in Miami, 8 june

Enjoy the candids 😀

Candids > 2015 > After Workout, 1 may

She has a figure to be proud of and Joanna Krupa couldn’t resist showing it off as she headed to the gym on Friday afternoon.
The reality star gave a glimpse at her ample cleavage in her workout gear when she was pictured on her way to workout in West Hollywood, California.
Joanna, 35, looked flawless as she stepped out in a low-cut black vest with turquoise side panels.

Highlighting her toned legs in dark grey leggings, the Real Housewives Of Miami star donned blue and pink trainers while she held onto her black gym bag and a light blue water bottle.

Accentuating her beauty with natural look make-up, she tied her blonde locks back into a simple ponytail.

(via DailyMail)

May 3, 2015

Some more candids!

Hey Fans! I have for you some more candids with Joanna from this week 😉

Candids > 2015 > Leaving Craig’s Restaurant, 23 april

Appearances & Events > 2015 > Charity Poker Birthday Party, 26 april

Photoshoots > 2015 > Set #003, april

Candids > 2015 > Out and about in Beverly Hills, 29 april

Enjoy them :)

Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa looked absolutely stellar in her perfectly taut and flawless skin as she turned 36 yesterday!

Well, she wore just the right dress for the occasion, too.

The bi-coastal Polish-American model was the picture of aging perfection in Los Angeles overnight, and she could still pass for a Mattel-perfect Barbie! [via gossipextra.com]

We love the dress! ♥

April 22, 2015

Gallery updates!

Joanna was at the 10th Anniversary Of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’. You can check out all the photos :) As usual Joanna looked great!

Appearances & Events > 2015 > 10th Anniversary Of ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ At Greystone Manor, 21st april

Candids > 2015 > Out and about in Beverly Hills, 20th april

Photoshoots > 2015 > #Set002, april

Candids > 2015 > Filming ‘You can’t have it’, 6th april

April 20, 2015

Gallery updates.

I have a bunch of photos with Joanna :)

Advertisements > ESOTIQ > 2012 > Collection

Advertisements > ESOTIQ > 2014 > Summer collection

Candids > 2015 > Filming ‘You can’t have it’, 8th april

Photoshoots > 2015 > #Set001, april

Candids > 2015 > Arriving at LAX, 12th april

Enjoy :)

She’s known for her body confidence and daring sense of fashion.

And Joanna Krupa kept up with appearances on Friday night as she stepped out in West Hollywood wearing a revealing outfit.

The 35-year-old Real Housewives Of Miami star left little to imagination, showing off her ample cleavage as she was spotted heading to dinner at Craig’s restaurant.

The blonde beauty sported a strapless mini-dress that gave equal attention to her toned legs and tanned decolletage.

Her shoulder length locks were styled in sexy tangles as she wore pink lip paint for the night out.

Completing her attire were silver open toe stilettos as she carried a matching clutch.(via dailymail.com.uk)

And here are the candids:

Candids > 2015 > Out for dinner in LA, 20th march

The style of Joanna kills it! We Love It! ♥

March 17, 2015

Joanna in Mexico!

Yes, Joanna is Mexico! But you can ‘meet’ her buying the brand new issue of Maxim (Mexico). You can check the scans below:

Magazines > 2015 > Maxim Mexico, march

And I have a little ESOTIQ update for you. An old making-of Spring/Summer 2012. Hope you love it :)

Advertisements > ESOTIQ > 2012 > Making of Spring/Summer

Here is the video:

I love it 😀

Joanna was spotted yesterday, 10th March, in Beverly Hills. In her super nice dress ♥ She also twittered before:

“We are almost in mid march but it feels like spring here in la. Where’s the rain ! We need it LA! Dress by @clovercanyon”

Enjoy the candids! ♥