Joanna talked to TMZ about ‘The real housewives of Beverly Hills’. Is there a plan, Joanna will be on the show? Here we go:

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Joanna Krupa wants to settle her beef with skinny white Brandi Glanville with a no-holds-barred fight — insisting she’s by far the tougher one — but Joanna tells TMZ, she’s still not tough enough to take on the black girls in Atlanta.

Krupa was out in L.A. when we asked about her possibly moving to the Bev Hills show — and Krupa unloaded on Brandi … promising to rearrange Brandi’s face the first chance she gets.

But she wasn’t so confident when we asked about fighting the housewives in Atlanta … specifically NeNe Leakes. Check it out.


“The Real Housewives of Miami” was one of our guilty pleasures last year.

Season 3 premieres on August 12th, and to tie us over until then, check out this sexy new shoot featuring castmember Joanna Krupa.

It’s been a busy summer for the supermodel: she launched a bikini line, married boyfriend Romain Zago, attended Miami Fashion Week, and recently jetted off to Poland (where she hosts their version of “America’s Next Top Model”).

Bravo just released a tongue-in-cheek new promo featuring Joanna and her foe-star Adriana De Moura, who have competing weddings (on a side note, Lisa Hochstein makes a very sexy priest). Check it out below:

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… yes, it’s been a long time! BUT here is a update! The real housewives of Miami are back again! Yay! 12th August will be the first episode of the 3rd season. Here is the promotional shoot and a little sneek-peak of the brand new drama season.

The real housewives of Miami – Season 3:

Are you excited like I am?? Go Joanna!

December 10, 2012

Joanna: No Wedding Until 2014!

Joanna Krupa recently reconciled with her fiance Romain Zago after a three-week break, but don’t expect the camera-friendly couple to be tying the knot in 2013!

Toofab caught up with the “Real Housewives of Miami” star at the Voli Lights Vodka Benefit in West Hollywood Thursday night, where she dished about her dream wedding:

So it looks like no wedding bells for Joanna and Romain next year.

One person Joanna doesn’t have any love for? Her “Real Housewives” castmate Adriana De Moura.

Despite reconciling on the show after their fist fight, Joanna tells toofab, “I’ll never be friends with her.” Find out why and see what Joanna thinks about Adriana’s singing (she sings the reality show’s opening theme song).

Enjoy the interview with Joanna 😀

TV personality Joanna Krupa attends the Samsung Galaxy Note II Beverly Hills Launch Party on October 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

The Real Housewives of Miami star looked chic in a gold patterned shift dress whilst Julianne Hough donned a cobalt blue two-piece dress.

Enjoy the photos :)

And here is a little video with Joanna from the event:

“Joanna! Joanna! JOANNA! Turn around please!!” Great video 😀

July 9, 2012

Pink mermaid, Joanna.

As a model she has plenty of practice at striking a pose.

So looking picture perfect was no problem for Joanna Krupa as she enjoyed a day at the beach in Florida.

The 33-year-old model donned a bright pink bikini with jewel detail and the beachwear certainly complemented her shape.

Joanna was seen making her way in and out of the sea showing off her trim shape.

It was as if the Real Housewives of Miami star was acting out a scene from a film or perhaps she was simply hamming it up for the camera.

Joanna was seen staring wistfully into distance in a series of stances that appeared to have had some thought put into them.

And you can watch a video about Joanna’s stay on the beach:

I love it 😀 Joanna looks always great!! GO JOANNA, GO JOANNA!

Since I know that TMZ is mean to a few celebs, I still like to post the video with Joanna :) She’s always cool in every situation 😉

Ex-“Dancing with the Stars” person Joanna Krupa thinks Mel Gibson is a really good guy — and the ONLY justification she has to back up her opinion … is Mel made “Passion of the Christ.”

The model was leaving BOA Steakhouse in L.A. Monday night … when we asked about those photos of Maria Menounos getting frisky with Mel at her 34th birthday party.

Krupa — who was raised Catholic — mulled it over and then said, Mel “does have a bad reputation, but you know what … he did ‘Passion of the Christ,’ so he’s a good guy.”

So we gotta ask …

Like Joanna would abuse people people in front of a camera… TMZ is a lovely source. HAHA! Enjoy the video with Joanna :)

I found a video on the internet, that might be a real one. It shows a trailer of a show, a reality show with Joanna and her sister Marta. I am not sure if this is true, but would be great if it would be 😀

Here’s the vid:

And an older news about this ‘realiy tv’-thing:

Krupa said she already has a producer lined up and has been actively shooting for the show, but she still doesn’t know where or when it will air.

“It’s a show about my life and family,” said Krupa at an event celebrating her Michigan Avenue magazine cover at Epic restaurant on Wednesday. “I’ve mostly done modeling, so people don’t get to see your personality and the type of person you are.”

What reality show will it most be like?

“It’ll be a lot different from most reality shows,” Krupa responded. “It’ll have substance. And in most reality shows, people are all about themselves. My whole thing is that I’m very passionate about charity. I really want to bring that out to people and do some good in my life.”

Krupa is a PETA advocate and has posed in “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” ads, which is why she was so upset with actress Raquel Welch on Tuesday. After seeing Welch wearing a fur coat, Krupa called her “heartless” on Twitter.

“I was such a huge fan of her’s,” Krupa told me. “Maybe she’s oblivious to how it’s made and how these poor animals are skinned alive. I’d like to be positive and think she doesn’t know about it, but when I saw the fur coat, it broke my heart.”

Enjoy the video!

Animal rights activists Katie Cleary and Joanna Krupa along with members of the Care2 team delivered over 140,000 signatures to DASH calling on the Kardashians to permanently stop selling fur in their stores and online. There was a great turnout at the event — including several security guards preventing Katie and Joanna from entering the store.

Here is the photoshoot Joanna was making with Katie:

Look how awful it is, to see a vest from RABBIT fur!!!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!!!!

And see the end of the whole thing:

I hope so MUCH, that this helped to make the world a little better!!